Thrilled to see this review in Publisher’s Weekly:

The Power Age: A Blueprint for Maturing with Style

Kelly Doust. Apollo, $29.99 (340p) ISBN 978-1-948062-70-1

In this uplifting collection of interviews, Doust (A Life in Frocks) shares the wisdom, experience and advice of successful women over the age of 50. As an attempt to turn the tides on society’s deification of youth, Doust interviews a bevy of professionals — doctors, journalists, nutritionists, and sociologists among them — who detail and celebrate the process of getting older. Doust begins with women who describe healthy aging as the foundation of a good life, along with advice on stress reduction and staying fit. She then looks at how what one wears can affect confidence, interviews a stylist, and offers fashion tips for age appropriate yet moderately priced outfits such as ‘high-low’ thrift shop fashion. Doust’s subjects also explore how experiences (particularly international travel) increase ‘cultural curiosity,’ which Doust complements with travel and volunteering ideas for readers to plan a trip. Colorful profiles of prominent women, such as Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Yoko Ono, Helen Mirren, and Michelle Obama provide inspiration alongside the more clinical, professional advice on topics that include financial management, finding meaningful work, saving for retirement, and sexuality. In the standout interview, physician Ginni Mansberg offers a revealing, honest discussion of menopause. This eclectic survey of women who followed their passions will encourage and inspire.