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Gone GirlI’ve been thinking of enrolling in a script writing course next year. After seeing Gone Girl on the weekend, I was super impressed that Gillian Flynn (above) wrote the screenplay for the film as well. It was brilliant – even better than the book, some are saying. But I thought it was on a par, and so well cast. Ben Affleck couldn’t have been better as shady husband Nick Dunne, and Rosamund Pike shone as his mercurial wife, Amy (I’ll leave it at that to avoid spoiling it for those who haven’t seen or read it yet).

If I wasn’t working on another edit of the novel over the next few weeks, the course below is one I’d be signing up for as well to kickstart novel two. I’ve attended a few workshops with Faber Academy in the past and they were all so good. I’m sure this one will be similarly useful.

Details from Faber Academy at Allen & Unwin:
We’re running a week long course called Start Your Novel in a Week (20-24 October). The idea behind the course is that you have a week to devote to your novel idea – there’s a few hours of structured exercises, discussions etc. in the mornings and then a couple of hours in the afternoon where you write on your own. It’s being taught by Kathryn Heyman (who taught the course at Faber Academy in London last month and said it worked really well) but what’s really exciting is that Ross Grayson Bell of Fight Club fame is doing a guest spot on classical narrative structure and what makes a story work. He’s meant to be really good. Plus there are guest spots by an agent and editor at the end.

See here for a newspaper article on the course, and here for more information. And let me know if you can make it – it’ll be my way of attending vicariously!